Monday, June 22, 2009

5 weeks later, I finally got it! Oh wait, that's not a good thing.

Saturday's run was fine. A little warm (ok - very warm), didn't run particularly fast, same course as usual. Felt fine afterwards. Nothing special that day either - no cutting grass on my steeply sloped yard or anything of the like. So what happens at 4:30am, about 90 minutes before my alarm goes off? The cramp that was trying to appear in my right calf during the Windermere Marathon 5 weeks ago Finally showed up in full force! Didn't hang around long, but I didn't really get back to sleep. Rubbed it out and there wasn't much doubt I was going out for my 5 mile run that morning. Same shoes, outfit - the works. Probably hydrated a little bit more - but in this heat (75° on Sunday morning at 6:30am) - I have to anyway. (On that note, I read someone's blog recently about how the Sunrise 8k was a good distance because they don't need to hydrate during the race. Not me - I hydrate in a 5k!). Not sure where the cramp came from aside from running once a week for the preceding 3 weeks. Anyway, on my Sunday morning run, I got a blister on my right foot. I typically get one on my right arch when I am breaking in a new pair of shoes. I think my right arch is slightly lower than my left so it rubs on the padding a bit. It goes away/callouses over after a week or so. This blister has already healed even though it was in a different place on my arch (more towards the big toe). I blame my socks. Wore my Medium sized ones instead of the large. No issues from the cramp and yoga was fine today. Hmm, maybe it was that I haven't been doing my weekly yoga class as much? No - I'll blame the socks, but I will get to that class each week!

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