Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday morning run

Up early at 5:10am for what I had hoped to be 10 miles. 71° when I started at 6am, and warmed up more once the sun came out at 7am. My run was ok though and I did 10.4 miles, ending with a good hill climb. Looks like I am ready to keep the training on for the October 3rd marathon (Triple Lakes Trail Marathon), so that means I need to start getting out to Paris Mountain State Park to run. I believe some members of my BRR team are going out there weekly, so I'll see if they'll be out there this week. Would be good to actually meet them! This week has three runs, then will add a 4th next week. May mix things up with running at work, at Paris Mtn, Oak Grove (my regular spot) and maybe even 5 days a week. Watching some updates from the Western States 100 online got me itching for an ultra. Only a 50k. Long way from there.
By the way, Mike Pastore (I see him every so often at Oak Grove and local races) from Greer finished his 3rd WS100 in 29 hrs 22 minutes...amazing, but then you see the winner finished around 16 hours. How did That guy train??

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