Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So I started biking before work instead of running before work. Same hilly course at the ICAR campus that I run during the winter/fall months. Did 2 laps this morning - about 8.4 miles. Will do that again tomorrow, then maybe add a 3rd loop on Thursday. Doing this on my road bike. My mountain bike (that I've never had on a mountain) I used to ride to work on has a flat tire after being unused since last summer. The road bike hasn't been ridden in 2 yrs, but did get an overhaul then. Hills are tough, but riding for 36 minutes was a good start to the day - and my birthday, so it was especially nice! Wishing now there were duathlons in the area with road courses for the bike part...oh well. Planning on running the Sunrise Run Saturday even with the foot issue. I still think a PR is very possible, considering my last 5k pace (7:07) and my last 10k pace (7:37). My 8k PR is 38:32, which is a pace of 7:46! Realistically - I should be able to take a minute off that, even with running just once the 2 weeks beforehand. We will see!

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