Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Race found me! - Do Not Resuscitate

So I've been ambivalent about a fall marathon...nothing has really excited me yet. The fact that I haven't run all week trying to let my foot heal/rest hasn't helped. (Been doing a stationary bike 3 days this week plus yoga - will run on Sunday and see how it feels).
Anyway - Two different people both proposed I do a race with them in September. One is a Mud Run in Columbia. I always have plans during the one in Greenville, and I'd like to do it one day, groups of 4 running an obstacle course in the mud! But then the other offer appeared...a week later, Sept 11-12 to be a part of the Blue Ridge Relay...a 208 mile relay with up to 12 people, 3 legs each ranging from 2-10 miles, 12-24 miles total per person. Running in the mountains, overnight and spending the non-running times in a van with 5 other people. OK - some parts may not sound exciting, and I only know 2 of the people right now, but it will still be fun and I am already looking forward to it. We do have a team name already: Do Not Resuscitate! I will have to marathon train to be ready for it I imagine. Now if only my foot will be healed! I still don't feel any pain, but it had only appeared when I would run, so that is not unexpected. Sunrise 8k is a week away, and if my foot is healed, I should be close to my PR fro2002. I was only 13 seconds off last year, and my time thru 5 miles of the Reedy River Run 10k was actually 50 seconds faster than my 8k PR. Hope it's not too soon after my marathon to have that pace back!
(PS - I've finally started spellchecking my posts before I post them - I am so picky about other things I read, but I never re-read mine after I write)

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