Sunday, August 2, 2009

Long Run & training update

Good weekend so far. Had a good hike with the 25lbs on my back yesterday. Could definitely feel it in my thighs and we didn't even do much climbing. But today was my long run, planned on 12 miles. Had the alarm set for 4:40am. Wanted to get out there 5:30-5:45ish and be done before the sun came out (usually out around 7:15 or so). Our daughter didn't want to sleep at around 2am, so I was up for awhile walking, rocking, bouncing her back to sleep. It didn't take too well that time as I was up again at 3:15 for another 30-45 minutes doing the same. This one worked at least a few hours as she was sleeping peacefully as I left at 5:30am to go over to Oak Grove. As tired as I was, I am thinking this will be decent training/preparation for the Blue Ridge Relay. I expect we will be sleep deprived and very tired for at least 1, possibly 2 of the running legs.
So - as poor as last week's run was, this was quite nice. Never really felt like I wanted to stop. Heck - even thought I should keep going to see how far I could go. I knew better and stopped at 14 laps, or 12 miles. 1:45. At this pace for this time of year, I can't complain. I am trying to prep for the BRR as well as two half marathons in 3 weeks this fall. I may try to really race the first one, while the 2nd one is a run with my brother. We'll run together - he's just not sure of the pace. Expecting between 8:00 and 9:00. As my PR is at an 8:10 pace and I don't expect to be capable of that, I hope it's closer to 8:30's.
Been reading a few BRR blogs that are nice. One is a group of 6, so we're going to seem completely out of shape newbies compared to them. The other I am still catching up on, so not much to say. Supposedly, we're going to be blogging/tweeting or whatever during the event. I'll post info on it when I know more.
With the BRR 6 weeks away now and my mileage around 25 miles/week (very little, if any, PF foot pain the last few days), I'd like to A. start doing some hills, and B. plan on running twice a day in another 2-3 weeks or so. Maybe my normal 6 miles in the morning, then a 3-4 miler at lunch on the treadmill as there is no way I would get out in August in the middle of the day unless I absolutely had to (and this doesn't qualify!).
Hopefully - more soon!

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