Sunday, January 10, 2010


I went shopping for Gu last week as I only had 1 left and need plenty more in the next 5 weeks counting down to Myrtle Beach. Got to the store in question and they only had 1 of my 2 favorites - vanilla, not plain (if that can be considered a flavor). Loaded up my basket with 9 and browsed the other items around. After much back and forth - ended up with 3 various power bars, 3 of the Gu Roctane (Orange-vanilla) and 2 other chocolate Gu's. Looked like I had been Trick Or Treating at some weird running convention.
Thought I'd go check out their selection of shoes. I have enough miles to get thru MB, plus my trail running shoes, and could squeeze some more into another pair if needed, but know I will need 3-4 pair to get thru the year, especially if I am going to do another year of 1200+ miles. Asics 2150's have been out awhile, but still priced higher than I like. I'm still in 2130's (my trail shoes are 2020's!), so I am always hoping to get some 2140's on sale. BINGO! Only $20 off, but size 11.5 seems like it would be an odd size so I get a little clutchy when I see them available. They had 5 pair in 3 color schemes. How many did I come home with? 4. Two in Black/Onxy/Goldenrod and two in White/Black/Flame. I am set!
Had some worry this week with my left calf and a knot on the inside of my shin (muscle area). Was sore, but not on the bone. Of course it was perfectly fine on my 18 miler today (29° and sunny). Supposed to be 20m, but felt fine with only 18. Had tried to run slower and mostly worked, but still not quite there. Felt as worn out as usual though.
Part of the pain may have been from running more the previous week than I ever have. Just by a few tenths, but still. I do have lofty goals of training for my ultra by running in the 40's. Maybe even a 50 mile week - while going to running 4 days. Lots of things up in the air.
Palmetto200 is a go! We will be one of 10-20 teams it looks like, which will be quite interesting. Team DNR returns as "Team DNR All Stars". So far, I think 11 have committed - still waiting on Mike (who was still having ankle issues last I spoke to him). More on this soon - but there are some cool legs as we get to the finish!

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