Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So went to run 6 miles on the treadmill this morning (yeah - didn't feel like getting out in the 28° weather and have to slink into to work an hour early if my ankle/leg felt bad). Good news though - didn't feel a thing. Along with icing it a few times and using Arnica, and that extra day of rest - it worked. My schedule is a day off, so Friday I'll double up on my run (speedwork?) and yoga, then do my standard "long" run Sunday of only 13 miles. Not as excited for the taper due to the injury-watch. Maybe also because I am stronger and less worn-out? Or I haven't trained as much and not as worn-out. Hmmm - I'll go with the former.
Been using the "Next Blog" link up at the top of the screen recently and found a few decent ones that I may read again. Wonder who comes across mine?? Hello?? Anyone out there??
17 more days until Myrtle Beach! My running buddy Todd isn't having a good training period for this one - I'm thinking he may back out. Or at least I'm thinking he should if he doesn't feel better about it. Maybe I could get him to pace me the 2nd half?
Palmetto 200 Relay note - Still waiting on word from Runner 12 - Mike, but I've put in my request to be runner #7 - 3rd leg gets to run over the Isle Of Palms Connector Bridge. Besides having thought it would be cool to run over it Many years ago, running onto the IOP is nice - lots of good memories there (Windjammer, Wild Dunes, Windjammer, Windjammer...). We are registered as Do Not Resuscitate All Stars. Read where the Spokane to Sandpoint Relay has a Roller Coaster at Mile 118 that teams can ride. How cool is that? And it would be around midnight! Found some interesting Black Light tattoos that would be awesome to run at night with - if only there were temporary ones available. Anyway - no more rambling tonight...

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