Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Shoes!

As I posted previously - I bought new shoes recently because I would need some this year and there was a sale. Not a great sale, but a sale nonetheless. The photo above is what I had come home with.

Then I heard Fleet Feet was having their big annual birthday sale so I thought I'd go check out some running pants. Saw no pants for me, but I did see my shoes (The only Asics, and the only size they had in them were mine!). On sale. A Real sale (half of what I had paid at the last "sale"!). Of course I bought all they had. 5 pair this time. Got home and laughed at the fact that I had 9 pair of brand new shoes.

The colors were not as varied - one pair of the same White/Black/Flame and 4 pair of a different blue version.
I did something that may not be kosher - but I swapped a pair of the newest blue ones for a Goldenrod pair. I doubt they would care and even when I pointed out the shoes didn't match the box - they didn't care. So now I have 5 pair of 3 different colors, so I'll be able to alternate colors this year.
I still need to buy some new Trail running shoes...

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