Sunday, January 17, 2010

ups and downs

So this week - I was seriously considering going to a doctor about my calf. The knot that appeared a week and a half ago was still there, very sore to the touch, and had me wondering if I should take a break (meaning no Myrtle Beach race). I read enough online about compartmental syndrome, shin splints, overuse, poor shoes, lack of stretching and more to make me think I was doing everything wrong.
The day after this thought crossed my mind, the pain disappeared, and the knot has mostly too. It never got sore during runs, and my 15 miler this morning was just fine. Still - nothing. I feel very lucky to have made it thru this far with my frequent 30+ mile weeks and still be able to run. I was thinking my year would be completely different if I had to take even a short break. No MB, No June ultra, even the Palmetto 200 could have been in jeopardy (Team meeting tonight!). I have one more 20 planned before the highly anticipated taper begins. Should have some notes after our team meeting tonight. We have lost one member for this event (Will be back for future DNR All Star events), and possibly one more will miss out - so we need to decide if we will temporarily replace them or go as a 10/11 person team. Debating shirt designs too (Many with wolves for some odd reason).

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Anonymous said...

Glad the leg is doing better! I'll take all the friends running MB "with" me as I can get!