Sunday, January 3, 2010


So it was cold and very windy (10-15 mph) yesterday - so I stayed inside all day long. Knew I had to get out today for my 15, so I went out at 10:30am and 2 hrs 16 minutes later - I was done. 30°, some wind, some sun and Cold. Tried to run a 7:45/lap pace, and finally did. At Lap 10! Oh well. Checked my stats from 2009, so I'll update them here:
-1230 miles
-Ran/hiked/walked worked out in some way - 241 days
-Ran 12 races and had PR's in 8 of them. No PR for the relay, 2 other races I wasn't running for time. So the only race I really didn't PR was Reedy River 10k (but it was my 2nd fastest).
-Ran on 49 weekends (Sat or Sun)
-Weekly mileage was from 4.3 - 37.2. Maximum running was the week of the Windermere Marathon; Low point was 3 weeks later with some foot pain after running 13 a week after the race.

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