Saturday, April 24, 2010

A good run! Math! P200 meeting!

I finally had a good run - where I felt like I had actual energy. It's been awhile since I've felt that on a shorter run. Yes, it happened on one of my weekday runs (usually 6-9 miles). I took an extra day off today, instead giving my legs a rest before attempting 24 miles tomorrow. No pace goals, but I hope to be out there around 4 hours. That would give me almost 46 for the week, a new high.
Low 60's in the morning and a good chance of rain/thundershowers. Still unsure which Camelbak to use for the 50k race - I keep changing my mind between the larger one and smaller one (either way - I will carry the 3 Liter bladder).
Come back soon and see how it went!
Ready for some Math?
Here's my take on training for the 50k. Not necessarily what I should be doing per the numerous 50k training plans I looked at, but how I make myself believe my training is adequate:
Peak Marathon (Charlotte Marathon) Training Weekly Mileage: 34.1
So that comes out to ~1.3 x 26.2, or 30% more than the race distance. For the 50k (31miles), I would then need to hit 40 miles in a week. I've hit that twice already, and hope to a few more times.
Max Marathon Training Daily Mileage (or my longest run): 20 miles
That comes out to ~76% of the total race mileage. Applying that to the 50k, my max run should be just under 24. I have done that once, and hope to tomorrow and at least one more time before the race.
So, that is how I mentally prepare myself. I'm not doing 50 miles every week (I may hit that once). Not running 5 days a week. Not running 25-30 miles as a long run. So far, haven't even done the back to back longer runs that I told myself I would. But - my goal is to finihs, and hoping for ~7 hours, but will take making it back to the Charry Hill Rec area in one piece!
P200 update:
Tonight we had a team meeting for the Palmetto 200 relay. Looks like one runner will be blogging about it during the race - Check out Kathrin's Blog. She'll be in Van #1, but will give a feel for what we're going thru. I'm bringing the camera for this one, so there will be alot of photos once I return. We got our shirts and discussed the actual logistics for a few minutes - then we just ate, drank and chatted.

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