Monday, April 26, 2010

Success...sort of.

Went out at 6am Sunday morning for a hopeful 4 hr/24 mile run. I mixed things up a bit and instead of going to Oak Grove Lake (the 0.85 mile loop I repeat forever), I ran out my door. Only a quarter-mile to sidewalks where I ran and out and back 5 miles (originally thought it was 6 each way). Then I did it again. Then I added a 1.5 mile out and back to total 23 miles. I'll cut to the chase and say I did it just under 4 hours, but it sure didn't feel good. No pains though which is excellent. I thought the spot behind my left knee would twinge every now and then, but it never escalated into anything. My quads were the issue - had no energy. I was having to force myself (after 18 miles) to move at a slightly more than a sluggish shuffle even on the flat sections. The soles of my feet were starting to get a little sore, but I expect the trails will be much more gentle on them. Looking back - it had been four weeks since my last "long" run over 13.1 miles, and that was the Chattooga training run. With the Palmetto 200 relay next weekend and only 4 free weekends until the race, taking into account my taper - that leaves only 3 more possible long runs. Right now my plans are for an 18/7, 12/24 and 7/17 (that would be two consecutive days mileage). Those may change. I feel good today though. No lingering affects from yesterday which may be a sign of strength even though I was weak during the run. It certainly did not make me feel like thinking about another ultra - that 3 day a week marathon training program sounds downright easy right now. I feel my speed is disappearing every day and doing Zero speedwork isn't helping, but I am not going to start now. Was going to take tomorrow off, but since I feel up for it, I'll do an easy 4-5, and the same on Wednesday.
P200 update:
Been fiddling with our race spreadsheet and making mental pack plans. I'm anxious to get started. Getting picked up at 6:15am Friday to go meet the rest of the crew and do the obligatory group photo at the start line. Maybe I'll add my pack list in here at some point...

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