Thursday, April 29, 2010

Palmetto 200 packing list

So you may have to wait until my return (!May 10th?) for a recap from Van #2 of Team DNR All Stars! I may try to do a snippet while I'm on vacation next week though. I'm bringing my camera, so you can bet there will be a Ton of photos taken! I'm very excited...packed up now.
As I take a cue from my teammate in van #1 (She may blog during the run - check out her site Friday/Saturday) - here's my packed bags:

-One blue Myrtle Beach bag (with a shoe visible) of running clothes for my 2nd and 3rd legs. Have a few extra shirts depending on weather.
-One clear Runner's World bag with all my running extras: Gu, Power bars, watch, hats, safety vest, etc.
-One green Green Valley bag with towels (both to dry off with and to sit on), fleece blanket (in case it gets much colder than the predicted 64° tomorrow night), six 20 oz Gatorades, 6 Kashii bars, the Garmin, and a frisbee.
-Camera bag and chargers for ipod, phone.
-Camelbak for personal items and extra clothes for in-between runs and my chaco's.
-Items Not shown: Bag of bagels (including 2 or 3 with PB&J), tailgating chair, and my clothes for the morning.

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