Thursday, April 15, 2010

Palmetto 200 update

So we are almost 3 weeks away (CORRECTION: 2 weeks!) from the start. We now have our starting time: 9:00am Friday April 30, so we should finish between 2pm and 3pm on Saturday if I've calculated correctly. The start location has changed due to unsafe running conditions on a certain road, so the first 6 stages have been re-routed. That only affects Van #1 (not me as I am the 1st runner in Van #2!).
We will likely have a team meeting the weekend before the race to iron out details - like where we'll meet, when we'll leave (I'm hoping Van #2 will leave around 9ish? No reason to wake up super early to cheer on Van #1 like last time when we all could have benefited from a few extra hours of sleep. They know we support them. Just from a distance.), all the other little things we're forgetting.
Should have two more weekend's of trail running at Paris Mountain before the relay. Hoping for 3 hours this Sat and 4+ hours next Saturday. Been having a hint of an overuse soreness around my left ankle, but hasn't crept up during my runs this week, just afterwards. Maybe it's time to change my shoes? Doing 10 in the morning before getting to work at 7am, then yoga at lunch (work kept me from it on Monday). That should give me around 42 for the week. I do hope to hit 50 once before I taper for the Chattooga 50k.

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