Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Am I an Ultrarunner?

I'm taking at least this week off from running after the foot pain increased, and may possibly stretch it into next week, but I am really hoping it feels good enough sooner than that. It's hard being patient with this, but I know I have to. My training plan is flexible the next week or two. Even three if needed. I'm already thinking about doing some real back-to-back long runs on Friday/Sat mornings once I get going. I want that 40miler!
So, I've hit the stationary bike the last two mornings, 45 minutes each, and felt like I've gotten a decent workout. Not like running, but something. I wish my rear was used to it though (ouch) - it's been ~6 months since I was on a stationary bike. My two bikes are still out of commission - but I will take care of that. This year even! Hesitant to use the elliptical or even rowing machine, so I'll hit the bike again Friday and Sunday. Happy Father's Day to me! Am I the only one that gets an extra dose of happiness working out on "special" days: Christmas, New Year's, birthdays, etc?
So as I am on this break - a few other ultramarathoners from the Chattooga 50k are already running Mountain Marathons and 30 mile night runs. Makes me feel like I don't quite deserve the moniker even after my wonderful run 10 days ago. I want to be able to turn it around and be ready to run another 20 miler, go off and run all night or just go spend 10 hours off on a trail running. Aside from my "injury" - which is the main reason I am not up to the tasks - I do not have the time and can't make the time. Even if I was healthy enough to run 30 miles on the trails every weekend, I need to be at home. It's not fair to my wife and 18 month old. I feel I balance it all pretty well and I hope they would say the same. The next two months are pretty bare - I just registered for the River Bound 15k for July 17th, but I may skip the Paris Mountain 7k in August. September/October may be pretty busy with races, so I am hoping the current break will make it easier for me to splurge a little later on.
Back to my question - Am I an Ultrarunner?
I am an Ultramarathon finisher, but that doesn't quite make me an Ultramarathoner in my head right now, and I'm ok with that. My goal is to heal, get back to training, and run long. If I get to the point where I can recover better, I may just call myself that one day.
I do silently think that if I had just ran a normal road marathon in ~4 hours that I would have recovered well enough to do another 20+ the following week or two.


Kristen said...

I loooove to work out on "special" days. That's one of my favorites. Last year I got badly injured in mid October and was out of running until December. I still went running on my birthday (Nov 6) because I thought I deserved it. (It hurt, and I'm sure prolonged the healing process, but I had a blast.)
I see your hesitation with calling yourself an ultrarunner. Two things - 1. don't be so hard on yourself, especially if you have intentions on doing another one, I think that qualifies... but 2. Once you have done the 40, you'll feel as though you've earned the title and it will feel that much more badass. So... I'm on the fence.

GeorgiaSnail said...

You ran Chattooga, you plan on running another one...I think you are an ultrarunner. I have run two ultras this year, with another one on the schedule. I believe I am an ultrarunner...and I had to take a week off to recover from Chattooga. I think by this time next year, with the progression of my mileage, my recovery will be shorter...The same applies for you. What's in a name anyways?

imtheguz said...

Thanks to both of you! I've slowly gotten better these last 2 years - faster, now longer, and have been able to increase my mileage, culminating at Chattooga. No reason a little blip will throw that off - and yes, there will be another!

Psyche said...

Um, I'm with Georgia Snail on this one, man. You ran Chattooga, which is one badass ultra, and you ran it fast! You are an ultrmarathoner.

But if it would make you feel better to slow down and run 100, then I know of this trail in Alabama...