Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tomorrow and today

Tomorrow is the big day - my longest event ever in both distance and time. Spent the last two hours watching You Tube videos of ultramarathons (Western States 100 has a good 6-part series called a Race for the Soul). Good motivational, positive stories to raise my confidence level going into the Chattooga 50k. Have my stuff together, just need the fluids added. Someone asked me recently what my pack will weigh, so I'll have to check that out in the morning. My 3:45am alarm will be a bit early, but I will should get into bed early as well (considering I went to Charlotte, NC last night for a concert and got back at 1:30am).
Been eating pasta, baked potatoes, pretzels and lots of water & Gatorade today. Skimming through an old Go Magazine that had an article about 3 local ultramarathoners (one of which will be running Chattooga, Byron Backer) and had a side story on what one of them eats before/during/after a race. Sounded good, so I'm going that that.
Current weather forecast (hour by hour):
7:00am start - 71°
9:00am - 75°
11:00am - 80°
3:00pm - 86°

So - not too bad. That's actually good news - I was expecting much worse. No real chance of rain until after 4pm. Wouldn't mind the rain, but that's ok.

Still had tight hamstrings yesterday, but trying to take it easy today. We'll just have to wait and see how my body feels tomorrow!
Goal 1: FINISH
Goal 2: Finish and Not be injured
Time isn't really a factor/goal - more of a preconceived idea of what time I 'should' complete the course. Under 8 hours is my expectation at the moment. Could be closer to 7 if I am feeling well.
Looking forward to seeing Jason and meeting Psyche & Sean! Been nice swapping messages these last few weeks!

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