Saturday, June 26, 2010

Still here.

Have some family that have been in town all week - so little computer time.
To catch you up - I started up running again last weekend (after a week off with a slight foot issue) and have gotten in 4 runs in 5 days (Sun - Thur) between 5-7 miles each. Other than the last one, where I felt pretty good for the first 3 miles, it really hasn't been that great. No pains really (my foot thing is still there, but barely and getting better daily). Seems the strength in my legs has disappeared. I blame the constant heat that this early summer has brought us.
My 7 miler at the trails on Paris Mountain was tough, even at a slightly slower than normal pace. After 5 miles, I did start feeling better though.I am re-thinking the 40 mile trail run in October. Being three weeks out from Chattooga leaves little confidence I'd be ready to run the Marine Corps Marathon 3 weeks after that. Maybe next year, with a marathon ~6 weeks later? We'll see.
Tomorrow - would like to run 12 miles - not overly enthusiastic about it, but I'll get out there early and see how it goes.
Western States 100 is going on as I write this. I have the live blog up and am following a handful of runners I don't know personally, but "know" thru the blog-world: Annette (and her friend Jill), of luck to everyone out there today (& tomorrow!).

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