Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cross training

So I've been relegated to cross training this week: hiking, or in the gym for stationary bike, elliptical, rowing machine, leg press, ab-work, yoga. Every day this week I've done anywhere from 2-5 of these. I have felt pretty good (other than my foot, which I am still considering a doctor visit for). Started some leg weights to get some strength - since Chattooga I've felt particularly weak on hills, so that "soreness" has been nice. I like the feeling that I've done some work. I have missed running, but it has been quite hot this past week, so I don't miss beng out in that. I do wonder where my fitness will be once I get back. Can I wake up after 2 weeks off and do a 15k trail race? Can I jump into a 16 (or 15, 14...) week marathon training program for my Halloween race? Will the Blue Ridge Relay be painful (in a bad way!) in mid-September?
Still expecting to do the River Bound 15k next weekend. Will keep you posted!

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Kristen said...

A guy I trained with once (a trainer, that also was coach at a local college) said that you don't start losing fitness until you have been off - completely off - for two weeks straight. I think you'll be fine. That's a lot of good strengthening! It'll definently pay off! All I've been doing is mountain biking!