Saturday, July 24, 2010

River Bound Trail 15k Race Report

River Bound Race Series
I did not come into this event with the best preparation. See if you can count how many of these fall into a typical list of "what Not to do".
For more than two weeks before the race, I did not run - at all. It has been well over two years since that has happened. I was resting my sore left foot and I finally conceded and went to the doctor 2 days before the race. I was told I had semasoiditis and given some off-the-shelf orthotics to help alleviate the pressure on the ball of my foot. I could run as long as I could stand the pain. After wearing them 2 hrs Thursday, 4 hours Friday - I thought I could run in them. I decided to go with my new Asics 2150 Trail shoes (I had only walked 3 miles in them so far), but I was Not going to race this. My friend Kristen was going to be there - otherwise I doubt I would have pushed myself to do it. It's always good to see your friends, and it would probably work out that we could run together - for at least some of it.
After what seemed a ridiculous amount of pre-race information thru the megaphone while standing in the already-baking sun at 8am, we got started on some gravel for a little run by the water of the US National Whitewater Center (a pretty cool place by the way, even with the $5 parking fee). Kristen and I settled into our run as people more concerned with racing went ahead. We chatted and watched the trail as we entered the singletrack with some ups and downs, rolling into no-mans land. It would be easy to get lost on the course without the race signs posted (and they were plentiful - Thank you!). The course itself was very good, all pretty runnable (for those in shape, unlike myself). It always seemed to be turning with gentle climbs and falls, with a good hill in every now and then. When we hit the first water stop. I was already feeling overheated and dumping water over my head only provided minimal relief. Soon after I let Kristen go on so she could "race" on her own. I was hot, winded, and I knew my legs didn't have a whole lot in them. I walked on and off the next few miles, even when the terrain would normally dictate that I run. The overheating issue subsided and I got my cardio back a little, but legs were still just weak. Five out of the six weeks since the Chattooga 50k I had averaged a whopping 8 miles/week. No wonder I was having difficulty. I did enjoy the course and at times there was no one in sight. I really had no clue how far there was left to go, but I did feel a little better the last couple of miles and ran much of the rest of the way. My competitive nature did kick in when someone on a bike said we were getting close and there were two runners ahead of me I wanted to pass, then I had to make sure they weren't going to pass me back as we entered the open area by the water. I may have looked strong, but it was tough and I was happy to have finished in 1:36:55. Kristen finished 2nd in her age group, about 9 minutes ahead of me.
There's a half-marathon in the Sept that I may have to come back and run!


Kristen said...

Yay!!! It was such a treat getting to run with you again! I don't think any post we attempt will accurately describe the intense weather. You did great and I can't wait to (hopefully) see you at the half! By the way, what did you think of those little ups and downs. (Hills, I believe some call them.) I don't like to run on those too much, but some people do.

imtheguz said...

I love the little ups and downs. Real hills I often walk up. Figured you must thought I was crazy or something as I said "I'm slowing down", then immediately passed someone! FYI - my posts have a tendency to end abruptly - means my little girl needs me.

dharmesh said...

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