Monday, July 12, 2010

Doctor Appointment made

So I have a doctor appointment for Thursday to get my foot checked out. As my normal Orthopaedist** is booked for the next 6 weeks (I see him every few years), I found a new one and got an appt for this Thursday morning. Downloaded the 10 page "New Patient" paperwork - wow, was that a workout to complete!
Seriously - after a weekend off, back to the stationary bike and assorted workouts this week.

Results Thursday. Cross your fingers.

**He's the one that repaired my broken/dislocated toe back in 2003 - I wish it was more exciting, but it was playing shortstop in softball. Just landed wrong jumping for a line drive. Still got the ball on the next grounder to me before hopping to my car and driving to the ER.  

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Psyche said...

Guz, what is up with the foot? Is this from Chattooga? Or did I miss something?

Good luck & fingers are crossed for you. Can't wait to see you out on the trails again:)