Friday, July 16, 2010

X-rays, orthotics, Blue Ridge Relay

Forgot to mention yesterday - x-rays of the foot are very cool. Would have been interesting to see one of my right foot and the dislocated/broken toe that I had (surgically) fixed many years ago and I can barely bend. But even with no fractures (thankfully), it's still neat. Almost like a road map - I can just look at it and not get bored. I actually considered moving the mouse to knock the screensaver off the computer in the doctor's office while I waited for him to review it with me, but somehow, I resisted.
Orthotics seem to be helping (and the frozen peas I'm using to ice it in the evenings) as it feels better now after 6 hours in them today. Not sure about running in them...may test them out tomorrow before my 15k trail run. I'm going to it - and I expect to run as well. So many old trail shoes with 450+ miles on them or my new ones with only 3.5 miles? And that was just hiking. Water bottle or my camelbak? Now that I am not needing to train with the camelbak, maybe just the one bottle. I assume there will be at least one water stop?
I have no idea as to the terrain, hills, etc, so I have no clue as to how long it will take me. At this point, I am hoping to finish.
Our Blue Ridge Relay team (Do Not Resuscitate) got active today looking at the leg summary. They have (corrected) the elevation profiles, so they may actually be accurate this year. My legs from 2009 certainly look harder with the new charts - and they've changed the Moderate one to Hard to match the other 2 legs I ran as Runner 11. I'll post them sometime...


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