Friday, July 2, 2010

Needing a break?

I got my 2 hour run in last weekend at Paris Mountain - just an added benefit of having the in-laws in town! It went rather well - two loops around the upper lake, 2nd one only about 4 minutes slower than the first. I thought I was taking it a bit easy on the first loop, but after comparing my times to previous trips out there - it was pretty much the same. My trail running shoes (Asics 2120T; yes, three versions ago) now have about 450 miles on them and are definitely showing some serious wear. As a late birthday present - I went ahead and bought some Asics 2150T's online! Got them this week and am looking forward to trying them out. This week's runs went fine, but my left foot/toe joint is starting to bother me again, so I am considering taking off 2 full weeks. With Marathon Training set to begin just after that - it seems like I might as well do that now while I can afford to. I can still cross-train. The question is - do I do my planned 16 miles this Sunday (up at Dupont State Forest while my friend mountain bikes) or start my hiatus now? I'd love to get the mileage in, but I can get back to running sooner if I start now. I just hate Not running!
The River Bound 15k is in 2 weeks, so I could get started back up then. It's always easier running on trails coming off a break (I can make running on trails be a positive in ANY situation!). I could even start some weight training these 2 weeks...
I think I've officially called off the Triple Lakes Trail Marathon or 40miler. I have to finish Marine Corps this year - 10 years after I 1st registered for it and couldn't go due a hamstring injury (and serious lack of training, or knowing what I was getting in to!). Just don;t see myself recovering well enough to do it 3 weeks later. I will continue to put it on my calendar for next year, and maybe it will work out. (The Frosty 50k up in Winston-Salem in early January is looking  better all the time though!)
Some non-running notes: Been loving the World Cup as it's going on right now in South Africa - brings back wonderful memories of my 1994 trips to Orlando (5 games) and Dallas for the Brazil-Netherlands Qtrfinal match. Tomorrow starts another excellent event - the Tour de France. It's easy to want to follow it, especially with George Hincapie calling Greenville his hometown!

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