Sunday, September 7, 2008

course scouting; 8 weeks to NYC.

So I went up to Asheville Friday evening for a concert and thought I'd drive the course for the Asheville Half. First off - if you are going to scout out beforehand - here are some suggestions:
Don't do this in the dark. Especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. And the streets are not well lit. Prepare yourself that the course may not be that inviting I knew this would be hilly - but come on! Mentally I am already putting doubts in my head. I know I will overcome them. Added one good hill on each of my 6+ usual laps this morning and had no trouble. I usually do better on hills anyway - what has killed me in the past - are hills combined with Heat! Asheville is looking pretty good temperature wise - low 60's and maybe rain for Saturday morning. Not bad at all! I am adjusting my predicted time - originally thought 2:02, now maybe 2:05. Either way - my slowest, but that's ok. Finishing the Marathon is my main goal. 8 weeks from today!

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