Thursday, September 25, 2008

Still at it. Marathon goals; Camera

Nothing too much happening this week. Got in a 6.3 miler Tuesday and a 7.2 miler this morning. No real issues. Cooler weather - about 58-60 degrees both mornings, so I actually wore a t-shirt instead of a singlet. I imagine NYC I will have on my GTC long sleeve technical shirt. If it happens to be over 60 - I will then wear a singlet (not the GTC one I have as it doens't quite fit the way I want it to). Am debating whether or not to bring a disposable camera. I imagine it would be good to have photos from the race and the time it would take to take some pictures won't affect my time much. My goals are to 1. Finish; 2. Beat my only other marathon time-4:18; 3. Break 4 hrs. I don't really expect to break 4 hrs - I'd be pretty happy with under 4:10, maybe try to break 4 at Myrtle beach or something if I get to run it. Carrying the camera is the issue. Did a test run with it in my water bottle clip - doesn't quite fit, so it want to unclip from my waistband. I'll see what other options there are. I remember seeing a clip/camera holder at the Rock n Roll San Diego expo, but it was rather expensive back then. I think we can rig something up.
This weekend is a 16 miler. ~37 more days!

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Anonymous said...

maybe you could construct a camera hat. They have video helmets for skydiving so why not camera hats for running :)