Sunday, September 21, 2008

Travel, 20 miler?

So I had to travel last week, got in a 3 miler recovery run after the half before I left, did 3 on a treadmill while in Juarez, MX, then a nice 8 miler in the Nice cooler morning back here Friday. Today was my long slow run (after going to Atlanta Saturday!), scheduled for ~20 miles. After the first 18 I did weeks back - I was not feeling that great afterwards, so I was really going to be happy with hitting around 18 this morning. I was also able to sleep in a little due to the cooler temps, so up at 6:20 to start out at 6:45 worked nicely. Got my 2 chocolate (I was out of Vanilla) Gu's, water, fruit punch gatorade and set off on my ~0.9 mile loop. (It's probably closer to 0.85, but I go with 0.9!). Side note - the NYC marathon provides Power Bar Gu's, so I picked some up this afternoon to test next weekend. Also - lemon-lime gatorade, which I still need to pick up. I've only really done water during a run, except for those few occasions where that is the only option!
Anyway - ran a Very consistent 8 minute/lap pace. 40:00 thru 5 laps, 79:51 thru 8, 119:43 thru 12, 159:51 thru 16, 239:58 thru 20, 255:57 thru 22. 13 laps between 7:55-8:04. Walked one extra lap to cool down - so total time out was 3:09:58 for 21.7 miles. Felt great too...and very happy to have done it. NYC is 6 weeks away, so if I can maintain this - I'll be ok!

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