Monday, October 27, 2008

follow me in NYC!! Sunday Nov 2nd!

In case things get too crazy this week (I'm 70% packed already!), I'll go ahead and post what's on my mind! The NYC marathon has splits every 5k, at 13.1 miles, and each of the last 6 miles. the web site is: I assume there will be an athlete tracker there once the race starts. I am in the 10am start wave (Orange path for the 1st 8 miles). Search by last name (Guzik - there is one other one believe it or not) or bib #25093 (I think that's right). I am also in Corral A (I put a 4hr time goal when I registered back in February!) so I should be close to the actual gun time. I expect I'll end up closer to 4:06 if things go well.
I know some co-workers will be paying attention (afterwards if not during), my friends in Bayonne, NJ I am staying with will be out watching, a runner friend (ran Boston in 3:06 I think) is coming down from Philly. A few others in and around NY, and my sister is coming up with me from Atlanta. Of course my wife won't be there - but I'll definitely be running for her and the baby to come!!
Hmmm, what else? Mantras? I've done this once, I can do it again!
Throwaways from Goodwill: A longlseeve running shirt (cotton), not sure from where, but it was a 1st Annual Turkey run. A pair of jogging pants, plus a pullover jacket/sweatshirt ("Palmetto Softball" on the front). I was expecting rain, but now they say Sunny, low of 40, high of 58 for next Sunday. Already had gloves.
Tidbits: Saw Ryan Hall will be at the Expo on Friday - may have to get him to sign a Runner's World if lines aren't crazy! Zola Budd (forget her married name) won the same Asheville Half I ran this year and is running NY. Deena (Drossin) Kastor beat me in Va Beach in 2001. Catherine Nderba and Colleen De Reuck beat me at Cooper River in 2000. Sometimes fun to see who I ran with (even though I never came Close to seeing them in person!). I'm babbling so I'll go for now!