Thursday, January 1, 2009

not much...Washington State?

Did 4.5 today: speedwork. Was quite chilly at 30°, but sunny which certainly helps! Also getting some sleep last night/this morning helped a ton!
Still looking at Spring marathons. May try to make a "work trip" out to Spokane, WA during a marathon out there on the Centennial Trail. I've done quite a few runs on there (10 miles in the snow!), and almost biked to Idaho. Doubtful - but I will try to convince work I need to go. Since it starts in Idaho and runs to Spokane - what state does that count in if I were to do the 50 states challenge? Is it where it starts, finishes, or what state you are in the most? Can I choose which one I want it to count for? Not that I am looking at that - but it is kind of in the back of my head. Don't want to "waste" one this early as I have only done 2! I can dream though!
So - now I am considering changing to a marathon training schedule even though I don;t have one and I may not do one - but I do want to be ready if I do find one...Arggh!
I'll decide before Monday which gives me a few more days on my current program!

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