Thursday, February 26, 2009

night before the game

So I felt bad all weekend again, into this week. It's Thursday night and I've had this "thing" for 2 weeks now. I did go to soccer practice last Suunday afternoon. Wasn't too bad. Definitely got winded running up and down the field! Kicked the ball and ran and practiced for a good 2 hours. Nice game between us and some other (younger) guys. That night - could feel some soreness in my muscles. Monday - worse. Tuesday - had to help my legs move on and off the bed, sofa, where-ever I was. Hobbling all around. Not a pretty site! Soccer puts you in a different shape than long distance running - there is no in between unless you do both! I put off my 2 mile Tuesday run until Wednesday. It was not pleasant either. Not due to soreness, that was fine -but my cold. Ran it a little fast (no watch), but it felt like I was trying to catch my breath the whole way. Soreness was gone today, which is good because the game is tomorrow night! It is supposed to rain to next day or two, so it may get cancelled/postponed. That would actually be ok...I squatted down this evening and had some kind of pain in my left glute. Out of nowhere. Ouch. Now I'm hobbling from that. I'll stretch it out and hope for the best....or at least soe Heavy rain!!

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