Friday, May 15, 2009

night before Windermere

So I have my packet...Bib 141. There are about 350 in the marathon and 650 in the half, so a very good showing for an inaugural event. Hosted at the Red Lion Hotel at the Park, expo was fine. Got a nice participant long sleeve shirt (with zippered neck) and bought a t-shirt (only $8!). Skipped the pasta dinner here and tried Luigi's in downtown Spokane. Chicken parm...very nice. Not overly full, so that's just about right. I do feel nervous already (tight shoulders), with slight soreness in my legs. Hmm, what will that mean for tomorrow? Temps: starting temp of 48, finishing temp (at 11:30am) of about 65. Have my gear ready for tomorrow, planning on taking the bus at around 5:45am for the 30 minute ride to Post Falls, ID.
Thinking about the good luck wishes I have gotten...more things to think about and help me thru to the finish! Thanks to all who passed them along.
Going to cut this short and will try to relax. Been waking up at 4am every day while I am out here, so the 5:15am wake up call is just a precaution.

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RSpeed said...

Good Luck!