Thursday, May 14, 2009

Taper is over!

Had my last run before the marathon. 5 miles this morning in a light rain, so I used my older shoes so my race-day shoes wouldn't be wet. Wasn't so bad. Tried to stay close to my marathon pace of 9:00/mi, and was slightly faster. Went East this time and exactly the place I was going to turn around was exactly the place where the trail was closed (doing road/bridge construction). It'll be interesting to see how being off the trial is in that stretch. Looks like race day temps will get up to 62 or so by the time I finish, so I will definitely be wearing my sleeveless technical shirt (sadly - no GTC logo). Tomorrow night will check into the host hotel, get my race packet and find some more pasta to eat. Will make sure I drink plenty tomorrow. Not much left to do....
Had a random thought today - just that this is my 3rd marathon and each of them are point to point courses. Not that that is a rare thing at all, just a little useless fact!

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