Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Handrails are my friends.

Amazing the difference between day 2 and day 3. Day 2: Worse than day 1. So much harder going down stairs. Even going up was tough...handrails were my friends. Very good friends. All along the outside of my thighs, gettting up towards my hips (which surprisingly felt fine during my run). Left calf still had a twinge of a cramp there. Lower back never did hurt (guess I finally paid enough attention to my long-run posture). Today - could take stairs two at a time. Still walking a little loose and my legs/thighs are sore, but they certainly don't scream to the touch as they had been. My recovery plan is to walk during lunch tomorrow and see how that goes. Running is still out as I expect my foot ache would start up again. May walk again Thursday before a weekend out of town. May walk/jog a 5k on Sunday just to get the legs moving. We'll play next week by ear and see how this week turns out. Will register for the Sunrise 8k run tomorrow as the early registration deadline looms (May 23rd).
Started looking at Fall Marathons today. That's a good sign that I am not completely disgusted with them (and the resulting pain). My brother is planning on the Richmond Half Marathon - so I will likely run that with him. That - along with my daughter's 1st birthday and Thanksgiving - may interfere with a decent nearby 26.2 race. First glance had Jacksonville, Atlanta, Outer Banks, Chickmaugua (sp?) south of Chattanooga, and Kiawah - anywhere from Oct to Dec. I'll keep looking! Next post will be about the actual race - I promise. Photos too!

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