Sunday, May 31, 2009

Foot. Blue Ridge Relay. Mud

Well, that nagging pain in my right foot when I run is still there. Not terrible, but almost enough to affect my gait. Still right on top, slightly towards the outside. So - I am considering Not running for a week or so and start riding my bike instead. Was just saying I've been lazy for Not riding my bike to work lately. Have the Sunrise 8k in 2 weeks, so I hope it is healed by then. I know - wishful thinking that it will hela in that short of time, but I don't want to think it will last that long. Both my runs during the week and then again this morning were all in humid weather, 67° on Tues/Thurs and slightly better at 63° this morning at 6am.
Still looking around for fall/future marathons. 2 different people have asked me to do different events with them this September. A Mud Run down in Columbia, SC. Sounds fun...the one in Greenville I am Never available for due to our company golf outing or the Greer half marathon. The other is the Blue Ridge Relay...208 miles run in stages by a group of up to 12 runners. Not sure that sounds like fun, but it would be good to see a few friends I haven't seen/run with for many many years. Need to decide on both soon...

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