Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Racing a Robin!

I am out in Spokane, enjoying the nice temps. (42 for this morning's run and no rain as predicted - race day is still supposed to be a low of 41 and a high of 62 with some sun!). Ran this morning after a 2 day break. Will run Thursday to keep the same schedule as the week before NYC as that seemed to work fine for me. Got out on the trail at 6:15am just to get 4 miles in. Came out of the hotel at Mile Marker 9 and headed West toward Spokane. Wasn't concerned about speed, but went out faster than I expected to. Tried to picture me 11 miles into the race (I was hoping the mile markers would match the race distance, but no luck). I will always be 2 miles ahead though, so that's good! Got to the 11 mile marker and there was the office I am working at. I knew I'd be able to see it as it is at Mirabeau Park where the half-marathon starts. I turn around and head back having seen a few walkers and a handful of bikers (it is Bike To Work week out here), no runners. Running past a trail head there are a line of wooden posts, had to be 20 of them or more. A robin started flying beside me, slightly ahead, wanting to land on a post. Guess my running made him/her nervous as they kept going, putting 2 feet down on another post but never stopping as I was still beside him and continuing on. I sped up thinking if I passed him, they would be able to stop and hang out. After 15 yards or so, I thought I would be far enough ahead soon. Then he veered right and away he went. Oh well.
I tried to slow my pace down to marathon pace the last mile, but didn't quite get there. Felt pretty good though. I was kind of getting worried about how my body was going to handle this race. I still am to some extent, but at this point, what can you do?! Got my day-before gatorade and a power bar, plus a bottle of water for the start and 1st few miles. In NYC, I do remember my hand hurting afterwards from carrying the bottle for 5 (?) miles, so I don't plan on holding on to it that long this time.
My run Thursday I will run East ~3 miles or so before turning around. Not like it's going to give me any advantage come Saturday, but it'll be good to recognize some places.

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