Sunday, August 16, 2009

30+ mile week

So I have had a good week of working out. Took one day off (Wed) and spent the others like this: Monday - Yoga (I need the flexibility). Tuesday - 4 miles (Hills around the ICAR campus; 1st time running there in a while and was definitely slower than before). Thursday - 5.1 miles (Very humid/hot and I was not enjoying it at all!). Friday - 3.4 miles (added an easy run just to get a few more miles in; ran it much faster than I meant to, but felt good). Saturday - 6 mile hike (I count hiking miles; this with 25 pounds on my back - names of Cecelia and the Kelty). Sunday - 12 miles (Needed this long run, sore right calf for the 1st 6-8 miles, but ended fairly strong). Haven't hit over 30 since my marathon in May, and never have when I wasn't in the 16 week marathon training schedule. All this with a mid-week concert and 4 hours of sleep one night, with no time to make it up. My right calf is still paying for the miles/hills or whatever. It gets pretty sore during the beginning stages of a run. I may ease up a little this week (scheduled for ~26 running, 14 for my long run, and another 4 or so hiking). We'll see.
BRR update - we have out starting time: 7:40am Friday September 11th. Still figuring out who is running what legs in our van #2, but that's not such a big deal - we all seem to be flexible and capable of running any of them. We look to be about the (s)lower 3rd of the teams, but will start with a handful of others. 3 and a half more weeks!!

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