Sunday, August 23, 2009

Books. 2 more weeks. 3 more weeks

Books: Yesterday, Greenville Literacy Association has their Really Big Really Cheap Really (something) Book Sale at the former McAlister Square Mall. I've gone for many many years - initially as a volunteer coordinator for Hands on Greenville the first few years. It has always gotten bigger and bigger - meaning more crowded, almost at an unacceptable level. I got there 30 minutes before the doors opened and got my typical spot in one of the 3 lines, about 200 people back. After all the mayhem - I got 3 of the books I was looking for, including Run Less, Run Faster and Ultramarathon Man. Also found Marathons and Beyond, Literary Running stories, and a few others. Can't wait to get started!
My 16 week training plan for the Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon starts in 2 weeks. I'm still ahead of the game, so that's encouraging. Looking back now - I am ahead of where I was for Windermere, but about the same as NYC. Can't say my speed is quite there, but that's ok. I just tell myself it is still summertime.
3 more weeks until the Blue Ridge Relay - I think our van has figured out who is running what legs. Once it is set in stone, I'll pass it along. I will say - mine won't be that many miles, but I think some good uphills.

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