Sunday, August 9, 2009

Paris Mtn 7k Trail Run

This has been a good week running, and instead of a long run this weekend, I ran the GTC hosted Xterra Paris Mountain 7k Trail Run. This used to be a 6k, but I think they actually measured it this time! Start time was 8am and around 200 people were competing. It actually felt nice out there around 7:15am, but by 8:45am, the humidity showed up and it got hot. You never know on a trail race how it's going to be with the # of runners. You can easily get behind people who are holding up 12 others and stuck there for way too long, even with the first 1/3 of a mile on the road to supposedly stretch out the field. Turned out to be ok this time! Started by the 1st shelter and we ran on the road before turning off onto the Mountain Trail heading down past the amphitheater. Was in a decent moving group there and all the way to the start of the Sulpher Springs trail. Got there in 13:29. Knew I was moving too fast (not by the time as I hadn't run this path in a long time, but my lungs were feeling it). Finally stopped to walk for 15 secs as we approached the reservoir, then ,made a right hand turn and headed back towards the road and a parking lot (made it there in another 7:50, 21:20 total time). Heading UP the road to cross over it to another parking lot - walked almost the whole way - I usually am able to run up it mostly), but only got passed by one person - a 12 yr old, who I passed 50 yards from the finish. It was practically all downhill from there and our small group of 3 or 4 moved well. I hit my second wind in the middle of this section and that was very nice. Heartrate was still way up there, but felt good about it. Finished in 38:13 (so 13:53 to get back). I knew there was a difference between this and the 6k as I had a time of 39:30 on the 6k I ran 2 years ago. Saw no one fall, but a few close calls. Saw one girl holding ice to her cheek. I feel lucky to get thru any trail run with my ankles and all intact!

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