Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good run - marathon this winter?

So I have misplaced my heel gel inserts that I have been wearing for the most part since my phantom PF showed up. Last wore them (I believe) hiking Saturday at Paris Mountain. They must be in the house somewhere. Feet have felt fine though, so no panic yet.
Side note from my long run Sunday - I went through 1.5 liters of water on that run. 11.9 miles in 1:45. That equates to 0.126 liters per mile (8 min 51secs). So many more calculations I could do, but I won't!
Ran this morning and the temps were slightly better, around 68° I am guessing. Not sure if that was it or what - but I had a really good run! Enjoyed it, and even with walking/drinking every lap for 35 secs or so, still ran 8 laps (6.8 miles) in under 56 minutes. Haven't done that since Windermere Training back in April. With that, the current training I am planning for the BRR and my half marathons, I am now thinking about a winter marathon. My buddy Todd (who I ran my 1st one with back in 2001 - Rock N Roll San Diego) is training for the BRR and the Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon Dec 12th. Same day as the Paris Mtn 20k I have always wanted to do, but Marathon takes precedence. He's hoping for a 3:30, right now - I'd be hoping for a finish and a 3:59. 19 weeks out, so maybe I could do a little better. Always have to compare where I am now with where I was before my other ones: Definitely ahead of where I was prior to Windermere Training, although that was on the heels of NYC and a slight heel injury. Slightly behind the NYC training, so go figure! But I now have a tentative running schedule to follow. The long runs fall in good spots outside the BRR and half marathons, so no more doubling up on races. (Yep - that is me linking to my own blog!)
Keep track of me as I go after my 3rd one in 13 months! My 8 month old has not yet been out in the jogging stroller - I run too early as it is too hot - but the Paris mountain hikes we're doing weekly help!

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