Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year'e Eve run

Well - it didn't hit me that it was New Year's eve until dinnertime - I guess working threw me off. I did take a long lunch and run 11 miles. I started up this week on the final 7 weeks of the FIRST Marathon plan. Instead of the 3:40 pace, I am going by the 3:50 pacing and I will follow that come race day! So that meant speedwork Wed and tempo run today. Took to the treadmill for speedwork, as it was too blustery to run at the track at 5:45am. Today's run was nice - 40°, light rain. Planned an 8:46/mi pace and hit it on the nose! Was very comfortable too, but the cold gets to my knees afterwards. 15 planned for Saturday. Haven't done 2 long runs like that (within 2 days) in a long time (ever?), but hope to get them back to back to prep for the Chattooga 50k. That's my main goal for 2010 (an ultra).
The trip up to VA/DC/MD/DE was good. Got one good run in on Rock Creek Park. Again - a cold rain with 18" of snow on the ground. Didn't get far before my shoes/socks were soaked, but it was not an issue. Tried running on the main trail, but it was too much under water, so I stuck to the paved part for the first 45 minutes. Barely saw the pavement and continued to slosh thru puddles and slush. Came out on the closed section of beach drive and saw some other runners. Ran with them for almost the next hour - were members of the Montgomery County running club - doing maintenance marathon miles. Very nice people. Ended up with about 10 miles in that morning and felt great! Will have to total my miles up and give a final year recap I guess!

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