Tuesday, October 12, 2010

20 miler

Didn't start off feeling that great this past Sunday. Not necessarily tired, or have weak legs - just didn't feel "on" like I have on some of more recent longer runs. I still tried to keep my intended pace of 7:40/lap. I was only able to keep that pace for 14 miles. That was when I stopped to refill my water bottle and took too long to get back going. Few miles later, my right groin/thigh got pretty sore. That lasted until lap 21 or so, when my calf tightened up. That only stuck around a mile or so. By that point, I was burned out. My run became a shuffle and I felt like a zombie. I ended up just shy of 20 miles at 19.8 at 3:06.
I knew my friend Dan and cousin Becky were running the Chicago Marathon that day, so maybe my energy was keeping them going. Who knows. My MCM prediction is now about a 4:10-4:15.

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Sam said...

Hang in there man! Sounds to me like you're doing great :-). See you at Croft!