Saturday, October 9, 2010

Marine Corps Marathon Training Update

I can finally catch everyone up on my running since Blue Ridge and Riverbound. Basically - it's been....good! 3 weeks before the Marine Corps Marathon and I am not tired, not exhausted, and not particularly feeling the need to taper.
I didn't fall at Riverbound, but did twist my ankle once. Hurt for a moment, kept running and surprisingly, never noticed it during the rest of the run. I walked 2 miles afterwards back in Greenville at Cleveland Park. The next day, just above my ankle, I was pretty sore. It stuck around Monday too, enough so that I skipped/moved my Tuesday run. Finally, Wed it was feeling better and I did my prescribed speedwork (3x1600m @ 7:21). My tempo run Friday: 11 miles. My longest weekday run. Temps finally came down - it was 65 degrees and it was the most wonderful run (on roads anyway). After 2 of my 13 laps, every lap afterwards got faster. My breathing was not labored whatsoever. No pains. My pace was supposed to be 7:27/lap (or 8:46/mi). Last lap: 6:34. Ended with an overall pace of 8:30/mi. Can't say enough how great I felt. Certainly makes me re-think what is possible during the marathon. The long run that weekend (2 days later) was good also. 17.8 miles (that was on 10-3). 55 degrees to start and summer is over!! Was able to sleep in a bit not needing to beat the heat. Ran about the right pace, 9:05/mi and felt fine. My left front ankle was a bit sore the night before for some unknown reason, but was only a mild thought as I ran. Pace was consistent throughout and, again, felt good afterwards. That was the last run of those shoes I believe. Over 400 miles on them, so I brought out the next pair of 2140's on my list - the Flames. They got broken in just fine with speedwork on Tues (10x400's), a few hills on Wed, and 8.5 miles on Friday. Should be fine for my 20 tomorrow.
MCM Training:
I've hit/beat every planned speedwork time the last 7 weeks now.
Averaging ~33 miles/wk the last 9 weeks.
Will hit ~40 this week with my 20 on Sunday. My most since the 50k.
Taper technically starts Monday.

Chicago Marathon is tomorrow. Dan (blogging on the Chicago Marathon website) is running as is my cousin Becky, running her 1st one!! I'm so excited for her. I've been keeping tabs on her training and trying to give her tips/motivation along the way. Wish I could be up there to cheer them both on!


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