Sunday, October 24, 2010

Taper Madness

Well - a week ago I was not in such good spirits. I had a 13 mile run to do that morning (the 17th) and was planning on 16. Legs still felt fine, so I thought "why not?". (I had done something different a few days before at the gym - walking on a treadmill for 5 minutes, raising the slope from 5% to eventually 10%. Next day realized I shouldn't have when my left shin became very sore during the last two miles of my 7 mile tempo run. I walked the last 2miles. Luckily - the pain passed quickly.)
So, back to Sunday - I was on a good pace thru 9 or 10 miles. The my groin became sore again. Didn't have to stop, but it wasn't pleasant. Thought that the marathon could be a disaster if it happened that early on race day. Needless to say - I stopped at 13 after slowing dramatically at the end. I had stopped at one point to chat with a (former) runner who mentioned he had a hernia at some point, and that got me worried. I knew others that had surgery and thought I should get it checked out.
Turns out the doctor saw no indications on Tuesday. Better safe than sorry, guess my mind was on overdrive. Wed had a good speedwork session (5x1000m) and Friday had a decent 6mile tempo run. Today's last long run (10 miles) went well too as I met my 8:46/mi specified pace. Had a twinge somewhere in the middle of the run in my left calf that lasted a whole 4 minutes. Last lap I sped up and felt good. With temps pretty much the same as expected right now on race day - I thought I knew what to wear, but after being out there, I decided to forgo a layer next weekend.
Race prediction:
Current race day temps 1 week out are looking like mostly sunny and a high of 62 degrees. Lows around 45deg - so almost ideal for me. With the sun showing itself around 8am (and a few degrees above the low temp), I am thinking a t-shirt and a long sleeve throwaway for the race start. Maybe one other layer for the ~2.5 hours before the race I'll be out. I expect I'll wear my thin gloves for just a couple of miles. I'm just a little worried I may get cold later on if I do have to walk for one reason or another, but I'll deal with that then (or just not walk).
I think a 9:00/mi pace will be comfortable enough for me. I was under that by ~20 secs/mi With walking each lap. I hope to be able to hit the half in 2 hours (1:58?) and keep the pace thru 16-18 miles. If I start my inevitable slow down there and keep it under 10min/mi thru 23 or 24, I'll be happy. I'm expecting it to go downhill due to a calf issue or my groin and struggle the last 2-4 miles. Time may be around 4:08? Stay tuned!!
Traveling to PA for a couple of days before heading up to VA/DC.
Best of luck to all those running their 1st Half & Full Marathons here in Greenville next weekend during the Spinx Runfest. (And of course those who have run them before!)


Kathrin said...

Good luck for Sunday and enjoy your time up in PA. Hello to the family as well!

imtheguz said...

Thanks Kathrin!