Tuesday, October 26, 2010

4 more days to MCM 2010

I'm in that lull of the final week counting down to the marathon. Trying to hydrate, not do anything silly like trip and sprain an ankle, and trying to get some good sleep. Did my last speedwork session. Being at the hotel just north of Philadelphia, I had to choose between the exercise room here at the Courtyard by Marriott or venture outside. I've run on the treadmill here before and it was Not fun. Too hot and the treadmills are old. I checked it out at 5:30am just in case things had changed. They hadn't.
It was still very dark around the hotel (except the Casino across a parking lot - I have a photo, but no cord to transfer it at the moment. I'll add it later). There is a group of office buildings together beside the TGIF's on the opposite side from the Casino. I walked over there as it was well lit. I ran around the block (= 1 lap) around there and timed it. Seemed just over a lap on the track, I'll say 500m. I did my warmup and then 6x400m. Not too bad. A tweak beside my right knee and a little tenderness on my left calf, but they faded.
I am still torn on what to wear. Weather outlook has not changed much, so a t-shirt will work, just don't know which one. I mostly packed for the race before this trip - Gu's (plan to try and work one in every 5 miles thru 20miles), an S-cap or two, my disposable camera, an energy bar (for before the race?), my hat/visor, Race Ready shorts, Balega socks, my throwaway shirt. Have about 4 different shirts packed right now and will need to add my water bottle and my shoes of course. Not much time left...I'm as ready as I can be.

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