Sunday, October 31, 2010

Marine Corps Marathon quick results

I finished!
4:10:35 - so about what I was expecting. No serious pains, some constant groin ache (both sides) for the last 7 miles or so, but now, 3 hours later - feel excellent!! You wouldn't know I even ran today.
-Was warm. Ran on my sleeveless shirt from mile 1 on.
-Had a wonderful boost from my wife/daughter at mile 20!! Stopped for photos, etc. Found out later mu daughter cried after I left, but I got a great deal of energy from the visit. She missed her daddy.
-Few costumes, none too spectacular. Saw a handful on and off for many miles.
-4 Gu's, some sports beans, 1 cup powerade, lots of water
-(prerace) bagel (early), clif bar, power bar, water
-(postrace) Regen (chocolate = wonderful), pretzels, water, powerade.
-lots of walking before and after. At least 2 miles before to get to the start and 1-2 afterwards.
-walked a good bit and slowed the last 6-7 miles, but my plan wasn't to run for time and as good as I feel, I am Very pleased.
-Good crowds scattered, Georgetown, the mall, Crystal City were all Packed and loud!!
-Great organization/volunteers all the way around.

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