Thursday, October 14, 2010

Taper time? Do I have to?

I am in the Taper. I am - but should I be? My running week runs from Monday thru Sunday. That how I total my weekly miles and plan everything around. So - Marine Corps is Oct 31st (Sunday - the end of my week). Is three weeks out this week then? Should this coming weekend be my final 20 miler or was it last weekend? I'm saying it's not this weekend and have always said no to that.
Anyway - I don't do much different anyway. Long runs drop from 20 to 16 this weekend and then 10 or so. (Total miles: 39 to 31 to 22. Then 38 marathon week.).

I honestly have not been looking forward to the taper this time. I'm not exhausted or drained like I have been in the past. I'm often tired, but I haven't seen it affecting my running or how I am feeling during my runs. My legs haven't felt "weak" - just some random tightness. Not sure why I feel so good. It's very strange though.
I think it was those 5 out of 6 weeks I did very little running after Chattooga (and my semasoiditis). I had been training it seemed for pretty much 10 months straight. Hmmm, I guess that will do it and make you look forward (to put it mildly) to 2.5 "easy" weeks.
I'm there now, anxious for the run and my destiny with the "wall". Hoping the crowds keep me going a little bit longer than normal. It won't be NYC, but it will be wonderful.

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