Thursday, October 23, 2008

ups and downs - luckily - some more ups!

Been a little while for my blog...where were we last? Oh yeah - the rest of last week went fine. Had my 8 miles Thursday with 4x1600's at a 7:00 pace. Not bad. Painted the baby's room Saturday and Sunday, which involved standing on hardwoods, reaching and going up and down a ladder. Ran 12 Sunday morning. Not sure what happened - maybe a combination of painting, shoes with more miles on them than they should or what, but my feet didn't feel good. Besides like I was not wearing shoes and running on a hard surface, the ball of my right foot (under the last 2 toes) was sore. Didn't see a bruise, but sure felt like one. Monday, decided to get new shoes (same Asics model, 2130's as usual). Wore them to work Wed & Thur to help break them in (and had more cushion than my regular shoes). Today - foot was feeling better, so tried running. All seems to be ok! New shoes were good, no soreness. I had also purchased (with recommendations) new running shorts - Race Ready shorts that solves my camera-carrying question. Pockets for gels, mesh pockets along the back waistband, including one longer one that the camera fits nicely in. Forgot the camera was even there after the first mile!
I am certainly feeling better about my ability to run the marathon. Nagging issues in my head I need to work thru: shoes breaking in all right (will know more after my 8 miler scheduled for Sunday), how my right knee will feel with the hills/after 20+ miles, my left hamstring which has been tight with a deep soreness at times, and of course my wife not having the baby while I'm away! Watched the beginning of "Spirit of the Marathon", so that gives me a good feeleing, knowing I have done this and helping visualize doing it again.

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