Sunday, October 26, 2008

PR 1 week Before my marathon!

Saturday was the 4th Spinx Run Fest here in Greenville. I was doing the 5k. Wanted to do the Half but with my marathon training - it was one week off! I had suspected I could PR at the Furman 5k until I remembered it was a Cross Country course. For some reason - didn't think much about it for this race. Heard at the start it was one of the fatser courses planned (1st time for this route). So we start off with a long downhill, getting on the Swamp Rabbit trail (off and back on and off again). Ran half time on the rubberized surface - maybe a little too much give for me and half on the paved surface, but a very nice trail! Mile 1 at 7:06. A bit too fast (forgetting about the long downhill at that time). Mile 2 pretty flat on the trail. Mile 2 at 14:34 (2nd mile 7:28). Mile three was uphill, but I usually do all right on uphills and ran that mile at 7:26 and I knew at that point (22:01) that I would be my best 5k time (Paris Mtn 5k in Dec 2001, ran 22:52. Was my 2nd certified road 5k ever). Pushed hard coming into Fluor Field at the West End, home of the Greenville Drive - yes, that is the official name - coming onto the warning track, couple of sharp turns and hit the finish at 22:40. That was by my watch. No mat at the start, so the official chip time was 22:45. Either way - it counts! No issues afterwards. Had some very nice conversations with a fellow bogger - Marion (Shut it and Run) who's training for San Antonio in 3 weeks. Her schedule was also one week off from doing the half marathon, but was volunteering like a good runner! (Good luck on your last 20 today!)
Ran 8 this morning. Temp was about 45 and sunny. NY for next Sunday has low of 40, high of 54 and few showers. Very excited about the temp. Running in the 40's is perfect for me, shorts, sleeveless T, gloves for the 1st 2 miles. Still not sure about the new shoes. Nothing close to blistering today, but not entirely confident in them. 2 more runs before the big day, so it'll be a last minute decision.
More on NY in another day or so - then I'll be off!

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Robert said...

Great job on the PR.

I don't like the rubberized section of the Swamp Rabbit that you are talking about either. I was happy to find that the new section from Cleveland Park to behind First Baptist had a much firmer rubberized surface.