Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quick recovery! Packing.

So - 4 miles this morning before work - I could see my breath at times!! :-)
Felt fine. Still twinges here and there from Sunday's long run, but I'm still very surprised about my recovery from these runs. Guess I shouldn't be after almost 6 months of about 25 miles a week. I've certainly never kept that mileage for anywhere close to that length of time. Started getting my pile ready for NYC. So far - just the Official Handbook and a blank videotape (Hopefully - my friends up there can record NBC's live coverage for me). I'm not checking a bag for that short of a trip - I just need to make sure my liquids (Gels, vaseline, etc) all fit - otherwise I'll have to buy them up there. Another thing I'm doing to get ready (Besides reading the current issue of Runner's World with some Good articles on NYC: putting "Spirit of the Marathon" on my Netflix queue!
8 miles planned for Thursday. Took off yesterday from my usual yoga class. Will ride the bike tomorrow to XT. More then...

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