Sunday, January 18, 2009


So the weather Thursday was actually quite pleasant, little to no wind and sun. Ran a littel extra and stretched it out to almost 6 miles. Friday actually wasn't that bad either. Kept the shorts and added a 3rd layer on top and all was fine. Today interesting. Walking out to my car at 8:45am it was sleeting. Not a good sign. I usually don't mind rain, or the cold. But a Cold rain is probably the worst. Driving to my running spot (Oak Grove) - the flurries started, which is actually better than rain. It did something my whole run, mostly rain, but Very light. Was scheduled to do 9, but wanted a little more, so I planned on doing 12.6. Wasn't too sure with the rain - but it turned out just fine. Was my longest run since the marathon. Doing the 10 miler training doesn't have you do much over 9. I am still leaning on moving up to the marathon for mid-May and using the April 26th 10 miler as a mid-training goal. So - on to other news...the GTC is partnering with XTERRA in sponsoring our Trail Running Series. We've had 2 races at Paris Mountain State Park, and you need 3 to be added to the XTERRA ( series. Throw in the fact that with some complaints about having the trail run part of the running series, it made good sense to do this. The GTC added a 15k for May 30th and will still be at Paris Mtn. May not work into my schedule this year (if I do the May marathon), but with the XTERRA season starting Sept, this one won't really count in the 2009 results anyway. I very excited about it though...I did the XTERRA scramble in Richmond a few years ago with my brother. A 10k that featured trails, rocks, river bed, climbs (ladders as well as The Mayan Steps!) - so much fun! We didn't run it for time but still one of the better races I've been in. May do the Xduro this year - their new half marathon trail run.
Have the Run Downtown next Saturday. Who knows if a PR is in store for me...normal training this week, but will take Friday off!

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