Saturday, January 31, 2009

New weekday route.

So I was a week off. My marathon 16 week training plan was set in stone. Then I double checked the date of the marathon I hoping to do, and I was off by 2 weeks. (What was I thinking?!). May 16th is the date, so I started on Monday. Was welcome to cut back to 3 days aweek running (worked well for me last time!). Monday was yoga as usual, Tuesday a good 6.5 miles. I decided I didn't really need to do the hills at ICAR so much, so I ran the other way, up Carolina Point Parkway to Whole Foods and beyond. The "beyond" is going in front of Circuit City and WF, taking a right and going down a dead end. There's a few businesses, but very littlr traffic. The route overall is pretty good: There's one decent hill heading out from work before it completely flattens out. I do have to double back after my first out-and-back, but that's ok. I also don't know mileage. Doesn't help that my 2nd outing Friday I forgot my watch. Ended up ~5.5 miles that day. Too much birthday cake for a co-worker on Thursdaty to do my normal run! Tomorrow is 10 at Oak Grove to give me 22 for the week.

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