Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I see everyone is writing/blogging about the expected cold weather. All I'll say is it won't stop me! 5.5 tomorrow and 4 more Friday. Outside, wind, cold.
I may have to start traveling again soon for work Too soon as far as me and my family are concerned (as I write this one handed with my baby in my arms). Juarez, Mexico for possibly a Mon-Fri trip. So would more than likely run at the hotel in El Paso (where I'd stay this time) in the morning, or maybe venture out around the hotel/airport area. Will have to do a little, running clubs, etc. (Has Runner's World ever done their thing on El Paso??).
I registered for the GW Parkway 10 miler. Checked out the elevation change (mapmyrun) - it's a Lot of downhill running! Net drop of over 240 feet if I remember correctly. Slightly different than the Green Valley 10 miler I will register for tomorrow. All ups and downs.
That's it for now...bundle up!!!

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